With electric buses and solar-power installations

With electric buses and solar-power installations

CAIRO: In the run-up towards the 27th UN Climate Change Conference, also known as COP27 The Egyptian city that will host the conference, Sharm El-Sheikh, situated on the nation’s sparkling Red Sea coast.

From the electric vehicles which transport participants to the ubiquitous solar panels that supply power to all segments that make up the economy of this region. Sharm El-Sheikh is now an example of the future of sustainability. appear like.

The hotel industry is a major one and has been “green” as well, adopting the most recent in sustainable practices for leisure and hospitality that include proper waste management recycling.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 is a definition of green cities as those who are committed to achieving social, environmental and economic sustainability by reducing consumption of water, energy and food and cutting down on heat output, waste and air pollution.

Sharm El-Sheikh has been enhanced with green areas which is a way of lowering temperatures in the airand this includes the central park that covers an 40-acre area in the Green Triangle area, which includes a variety of shady trees as well as exotic plants.

But it’s the green mass transport system that has garnered the most praise. In March Egypt’s Egyptian government announced that they was laying out approximately 260 electric and natural gas-powered buses that will transport conference attendees to the venue of the conference.

An entire fleet of buses rolled up on the streets of the city in October. There are many others scheduled to arrive by the time of the conference. They’re fitted with air conditioning as well as digital maps, and amenities to accommodate passengers with disabilities.

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As per the Urban Transport Route Map, located in the official COP27 website Shuttle bus services daily will be operating throughout the city during the conference.

A total of 800 environmentally friendly taxis powered with natural gas, rather than diesel engines, will be available, and they will come with systems for smart-pay that allow passengers to pay for their journey electronically.

Petrol-powered vehicles are major contributors in greenhouse gases emissions. The advancements in battery technology as well as investing in charging stations for roadside vehicles have contributed to the increase in demand and cost of electric vehicles.

the Ministry of Environment signed a 10-year contract with the Dubai-based Bee’ah Group and Egypt’s rising green services firm Green Planet to provide solid transport, waste collection streets, street cleaning and public services.

Already, those who visit Sharm El-Sheikh can see electric vehicles that are cleaning and sterilizing the city’s streets as well as public squares. They also have special garbage containers that are designed for food garbage, recyclable materials as well as mixed trash. These bins are fitted with an GPS system that tells sanitation staff when the bin is empty.

It is the Green Star Hotel is a national green certification and capacity building program that is run under the Egyptian Hotel Association under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. The certification assists hotels in gaining international recognition by improving their environmental and social standards as well as reducing operating costs.

Diving centres that have received Green Fin certification. Green Fin certificate are those that safeguard coral reefs by observing the guidelines of environmental conservation, by instructing customers on how to manage the fragile ecosystems and also by implementing sustainable tourism practices.

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A number of hotels, dive centers as well as restaurants and hospitality facilities have received green ratings due to the widespread use of solar energy — an abundant source in a region that is bathed in sunshine throughout the year.

In October the energy provider local to the area Taqa Arabia announced it had constructed the biggest solar energy plant located in Sharm El-Sheikh, built on an area of 250,000 square. meters, and boasting a annual capacity that exceeds 42 gigawatts -enough to provide clean power to over 6000 hotel rooms.

About 30,000 people as well as 120 head of states are scheduled for their arrival in Egypt to attend this year’s COP27 Climate summit. The event comes as scientists warn that the world is on the verge of a tipping point and the impact of humankind on climate rapidly becoming irreparable.

As world leaders and industry leaders and civil society organizations will work to transform their climate commitments into tangible actions, Sharm El-Sheikh will provide an inspirational example of what can be achieved when the environment comes first.

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