websites that are blocked in the emirates

UAE: 17 categories of online content, websites that are blocked in the emirates

The Internet is a powerful platform when used properly. Regulated in the UAE to keep users safe and protect them from malicious websites. Online content is monitored by relevant authorities to ensure that it is consistent with the country’s religious, moral, and ethical values.

The UAE’s digital infrastructure is very robust and has the fastest mobile internet in the world. The World Wide Web has all kinds of websites, but not all of them are accessible in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) implements what is known as the Internet Access Management (IAM) Regulatory Directive.

At the request of TDRA, Etisalat and our customers are obligated to block online content that violates applicable cyber laws. According to official statistics, 883 of his websites were blocked in the first quarter of this year. Of these, nearly half (435) contained pornographic content. About 377 (43%) websites were blocked with phishing and scam offers.

Prohibited content, according to the TDRA, is defined as material that infringes or violates “the public interest, morality, public order, public and national security, or Islam.”

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