IEA expects global carbon emissions to grow just 1% in 2022

The IEA expects global carbon emissions to increase by just 1% in 2022.

PARIS: The International Energy Agency said Wednesday that global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels will rise by just 1% this year despite concerns about the impact of the energy crisis, even as renewables see record growth. is expected, he said.

The IEA predicts that carbon emissions from energy from burning oil, gas, and coal will reach 33.8 billion tonnes in 2022, more than 300 million tonnes more than in 2021.

But that increase is far less than the 2 billion tonnes increase the world saw last year when countries turned to fossil fuels to help spur a recovery from COVID-19, she added.

The United Nations says greenhouse gas emissions must be halved by 2030 to meet the Paris climate goals.

The energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has supported some of this year’s coal demand due to higher natural gas prices, the IEA said.

However, the relatively modest increase in coal emissions is offset by the widespread use of renewable technologies, including electric vehicles, which prevented an increase of about 1 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2022.

Solar and wind capacity will grow by more than 700 terawatt hours in 2022, the largest increase in a year, according to an IEA analysis.

Birol said the trend will continue “thanks to the massive clean energy projects that have been underway around the world in recent months.”

Coal was expected to record the next largest increase of 200 million tonnes of CO2, or about 2% year-on-year, due to higher gas prices.

The IEA said European emissions are likely to fall slightly this year, continuing a downward trend with a wave of new renewable projects planned for next year.

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