Students learn about the dangers of drugs

Students learn about the dangers of drugs, how to avoid addiction

Abu Dhabi government added attention lectures to college students on the risks of drug abuse, its bad consequences for the person and society, and a way to deal with addicts.

The marketing campaign became released some months in the past to consolidate the criminal subculture and lift attention in society as a way to assist uphold safety and stability.

In the 2 lectures added to scholars of Ajyal International School in Abu Dhabi, Counsellor Dr Mohammed Rashid Al Dhanhani, Director of the Abu Dhabi Centre for Legal and Community Awareness, highlighted the consequences of drug addiction, each intellectual and physical, and the volume of its threats and effect on younger people’s futures. He defined the law’s view of the addict and a way to assist her or him get hold of a remedy without issuing a punishment.

Al-Dhanhani recommended younger humans exercise a preventive technique to keep away from falling into the clutches of psychotropic substances, by systematically declining any thought from the terrible organisations that might cause abuse, picking out buddies carefully, splitting without hesitation from everybody who should push them down the course of capsules and to sell the connection with the family, because the presence of honest humans to whom one could confide frankly approximately lifestyles’ hardships is extraordinarily important.

The lecturer additionally emphasized the want to apply unfastened time accurately and to revel in lifestyles far from capsules so that it will most effective carry distress and desolation to consumers, to are seeking professional assistance while laid low with the hassle associated with this scourge, and to find out about the dangers and perilous outcomes of drug addiction, which will higher apprehend the significance of keeping off it.

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Since its release in May 2022, the anti-capsules marketing campaign went on thru a sequence of projects and events, consisting of extensive legal-instructional meetings for students and students, with the intention of enhancing their understanding of those demanding situations and dangers, in a preventive technique aimed toward shielding them from abuse and addiction.

The campaign’s goal is to use current technology and a variety of educational tools to spread legal knowledge among the target audiences of young people and coming generations, who are represented by school pupils but also by parents. This is done through a variety of media channels, such as radio and television programmes, press reports, and audiovisual and electronic content. It is also done through the publication of numerous awareness leaflets that include fundamental information about drug abuse, its risks, and its negative effects.

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