Saudi institute trains new generation

Saudi institute trains new generation to keep old traditions vibrant

RIYADH: Established to preserve Saudi heritage and works of art, the Royal Institute has graduated more than 1,000 from its educational program in its first year.

Since its launch last September, the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts has launched three programs to nurture talent and pass on traditional art forms and crafts to new generations so that they are not lost. raised.

This program allows trainees to observe craftsmen, practice their skills and participate in workshops and lectures that explore the history of the work.

Institute has three curricula. The first is a short course aimed at consolidating national identity through a variety of interests, such as fashion, architecture, metal arts, jewelry making, stone and palm arts, applied arts, bookbinding, and calligraphy. The second focuses on dance and singing, and the third focuses on building skills through cultural property restoration and curation.

The purpose of the Institute is to open up new avenues in the study of art and enable young and emerging artists to explore more deeply the crafts and legacies of their ancestors.

TRITA follows the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals and provides an opportunity for Saudi Arabian artists to explore different elements of cultural storytelling through artistic and creative expression.

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