Saudi HADAF spends $1bn to support employment

Saudi HADAF spends $1bn to support employment of 277k Saudis in private sector

Saudi Arabia’s Human Resources Development Fund, known as HADAF, has spent 3.75 billion riyals ($1 billion) on a job promotion program that will benefit 277,000 Saudis in the first nine months of 2022 That’s what the latest data from the National Labor Observatory shows.

These jobs were filled through support services and programs aimed at senior officials in the state, the Saudi news agency reported.

HADAF will launch training programs to promote the employability of Saudis while supporting the organization of different activities, sectors, and occupations as the Kingdom pursues the localization goals outlined in Vision 2030.

On October 17, Saudi Arabia’s Arab Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmad Al-Rajhi, said among his 11 localization decisions to be made by the end of 2022 are the administration, procurement, and food sectors. 

The minister also pointed out that the new localization decision will also include its role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Al-Rajhi noted that the government’s localization decision has increased the number of workers in the Saudi private sector to 2.12 million.

The Minister further noted that the Kingdom’s localization initiative has lowered the unemployment rate among Saudi citizens to 9.7 percent and increased the participation of women in the private sector to 35.6 percent.

In September this year, the ministry launched a program to localize entertainment parts and departments to ensure that 70% of its workforce is Saudi. The ministry also plans to place his 100% entertainment facility in a gated commercial complex.

As localization efforts continue in Saudi Arabia, Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan has issued a ministerial decree changing the terms of consulting services and requiring consulting firms to ensure localization percentages are met.

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