Saudi capital shines in global cities rankings

Saudi capital shines in global cities rankings

Riyadh recorded the world’s highest jump of 46 points in the Global Ranking Index for Cultural Experiences in Cities.

The Saudi capital recorded the highest jump in this category, according to management consultancy Kearny’s Global Cities Report, which examines the impact of socioeconomic and political developments on cities and their futures.

Since the launch of Saudi Arabia’s National Cultural Strategy in 2019, the Kingdom has witnessed an unprecedented expansion in its cultural offerings.

Last year, the Ministry of Culture listed 304 museums, 85 public libraries, 262 theaters, 75 galleries and exhibition halls, 54 cinemas, and 20 literary cafes in the country.

Riyadh continues to lead the region in capital markets and is the leader in the foreign-born population. The business and human capital rankings also improved by four points, despite higher-than-expected global inflation, the continued economic and political impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the growing impact of climate change.

Jeddah also strengthened its position on the list of business operations and human capital, with Madinah moving one rank above him and Mecca and Abha being recognized for sharing information. Dammam, on the other hand, scored 11 points on the Global Index due to increased human capital, information sharing, enhanced cultural experience, and increased political engagement.

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