Rolls-Royce switches on six mega power units to run the Middle East’s largest supercomputer

Rolls-Royce switches on six mega power units to run the Middle East’s largest supercomputer

RIYADH: Rolls-Royce, a British company, has started six Kinetic PowerPacks in order to supply energy for the Middle East’s largest supercomputer center located at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

The company has shipped 12 large batteries (also known as maximum transmission unit) to KAUST, from its Belgian factory in Liege. This was done to support its Scientific Computing Data upgrade, and to power the supercomputer Shaheen III.

The maximum transmission unit is the maximum data that can be transmitted over a network.

These devices each have a power output power of 1.6MW. In the event of an outage, the systems, which are designed to withstand humid conditions and temperatures up to 50° Celsius, will ensure critical load is secured and the engine starts via the sturdy, rotating kinetic energy accumulators.

These six switches are now on. The remaining switch will be activated later.

Matthew Early, Vice President of Facilities at KAUST, stated that the mtu Kinetic PowerPacks were “state-of-the art, uninterruptible electric power systems that are designed to operate in extreme environments and provide high reliability of back-up electricity for the most crucial and essential systems.”

These systems include airports, data centers, healthcare facilities, and Shaheen III.

Shaheen III is expected to be the Middle East’s most powerful supercomputer. This will allow KAUST to increase its capabilities for scientific discovery as well as artificial intelligence innovation.

Shaheen III will be operational by 2023 and will be 20 times faster that KAUST’s existing system.

KAUST partnered earlier this year with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority in order to increase human capability and innovation in the field AI in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the region.

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