Paying bills banking in the metaverse

UAE: Paying bills, visiting the doctor in the metaverse, what does it mean for you?

The five-day Gitex Global 2022 event has just wrapped up day three, and over the past three days, UAE government agencies and companies based here have made major announcements about their entry into the Metaverse. In this article you will inform abot Paying bills banking in the metaverse.

But what does that mean for its inhabitants in everyday life? To do this, let’s look at what the Metaverse is and what it means for the people who use it on a daily basis. prize.

What is it?

Knowing about the Metaverse in 2022 is like hearing about it on the internet in the 70’s. And, like the Internet, “metaverse” is a broad term. Generally, it refers to a shared environment of virtual worlds that people can access over the Internet. In the Metaverse, everyday internet-based applications come to life through virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

What is web3?

This is literally web3 – like the third version of the web. Web pages and HTML text from web1 to blogs, web paths, and social media platforms to web2 followed by web3 (non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies).

Metaverse with web3 is where 3D avatars spend money, play games, and do business in the real world. But just like the Internet in the 70’s, this is a work in progress, with more building blocks being added every day. The Metaverse’s potential seems endless, but it’s still in its early stages for everyday applications.

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Banks and financial institutions can find multiple reasons to be in the metaverse. From detailed virtual customer interactions and employee relationships to marketing and new-generation customers, the possibilities are endless.
The idea is that one day we will be able to do everything banking-related, from opening accounts to using the money for large investments in the Metaverse. So financial can meet advisors, explore homes and other assets, withdraw money, and shop. Most new entrants to the metaverse today are taking advantage of opportunities to market their products and technical skills.
Commercial Bank International, a corporate and retail bank headquartered in Dubai, has announced the official opening of its Metaverse office. This bank claimed to be the first UAE bank of his to exist in the Metaverse. During Gitex Global, Bank will showcase use cases in his Xverse section of the event.

Events and entertainment

The Metaverse is perfect for entertainment and events, and many artists and organizations use this virtual space for their performances. And an amusement park? Definitely possible, at least according to Walt Disney, who announced plans to build one in the Metaverse in the next few years.
Main platforms for hosting concerts on the Metaverse: Decentraland, Roblox, The Sandbox, Fortinet, and Horizon Worlds. Grimes, Deadmau5, Travis Scott, Post Malone, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilis are among those famous people who have performed Metaverse concerts.

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