Palestinians fear escalation of violence as Netanyahu closes in on victory

Palestinians fear escalation of violence as Netanyahu closes in on victory

RAMALLAH: Concern among Palestinians has been raised by the possibility of Benjamin Netanyahu’s return to power as head a right-wing coalition in Israeli history. They fear that it will lead to an increase in their conflict with Israel.

This year, more than 100 Palestinians living in the Israeli-occupied West Bank were killed by Israeli forces.

Mohammad Shtayyeh, the Palestinian Prime Minister, stated that the rise in right-wing parties is “a natural consequence of the growing extremism & racism in Israeli society,” which has been a problem for Palestinians for many years.

In the hope of a resumption peace talks, the Palestinian leadership has supported and maintained close ties to Israel’s left-wing parties.

Itamar Bengvir, an Israeli lawmaker, calls his Arab counterparts “terrorists” while advocating the deportation of political opponents. His views were so extreme, the army barred him from mandatory military service in his youth.

Bezalel Yoel Strickrich, a radical right-wing politician, heads the Religious Zionist Party. He also previously served as a Knesset Member for Yamina.

Hamas, the Gaza government, is in a similar place to President Mahmoud Abdul Bas’ Fatah in the Israeli election.

Secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative Mustafa Barghouti stated that the elections would not alter anything as they took place between two extreme right-wing groups and without a true peace camp.

He said that the most worrying thing was that a criminal fascist group headed by Ben-Gvir and Smotrich might take third place. This indicates the extent of the descent of colonial Israeli society towards racial extremism as well as the doctrine of ethnic cleansing.

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Al-Deek stated that “there is no power in this world capable of cancelling the presence of Palestinian people on their homeland and land, and they will continue fighting to oppose the occupation until the double standard in international standards is broken.”

The fact that their occupier held five elections in less four years, whereas they have not held one since 2006 angers the Palestinians.

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