best tourism real estate investment in the Caribbean

Offering the best tourism real estate investment in the Caribbean

Noval Properties is more than just a construction company, it is a premier development agency. “Noval Properties has a 360-degree vision. We always build only in the best locations with access to beaches and golf courses, and offer innovations in our real estate model with full property management and furnishing services, We will make our offer ‘hassle-free’ and deliver great value to our customers,” assures Cesar Latrilla Rodero, CEO of Noval Properties.

Their projects guarantee an ROI of 10% per annum and combine 5-star facilities with the comforts of home. Punta Cana has some of the lowest residential real estate prices in the Caribbean and is very affordable as the quality of building materials and finishes add another value. In addition, investors looking to rent or resell are enjoying 15-20% annual appreciation in value, an average hotel occupancy rate of 87.7%, low tax rates, and approximately 65% ​​of all foreign tourist arrivals of 3 million annually. passengers arrive via Punta Cana International Airport.

Noval Properties started in 2003 with a clear vision to promote tourism real estate in Punta Cana. With the investment boom, by 2017 revenue increased from $11M to $150M and is now undergoing a digital transformation. “Today, Noval operates like a small multinational company, with an international marketing and sales team of 40 people, over 200 real estate companies, and about 1,000 agencies,” asserts Latrilla. To do.

Their latest project, Morgan Capital by Noval, is focused on the local market and will develop public housing, university accommodation, city hotels, and nursing homes at a profitability of 12% to 20% of his. Over the next few years, Noval Properties has some of the most ambitious construction projects in the Dominican Republic, and in the next 18 months alone, he will deliver a US$650 million portfolio. “The vision is to continue to grow, capitalize on the dynamism of the economy and the reputation of the country, and continue to innovate,” Laurila is convinced.

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Alba Sánchez has been one of the most important companies in the Dominican Republic construction industry for almost 40 years. They began manufacturing aggregates, construction materials, and quality-controlled hot asphalt concrete to supply their own projects. They then started supplying other customers and started a lock division. Growing market demand has led them to open two new divisions of his, Asphalt and Transport, whose services now cover the main needs of the horizontal construction market.

Alba Sanchez designed some of the most important horizontal structures in the Dominican Republic. From public roads such as the Duarte Highway and Santo Domingo Bypass to private projects such as the Port Caucedo walkway reconstruction, now owned by Dubai Port. A major runway for several airports, including Punta Cana Airport. Urbanización Lagos, owned by Grupo Puntacana. He is also working internationally on the construction of one of Haiti’s most important new roads, the Ponçon de Mire Valles.

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