Museum of the Future hires first robotic staff member

Dubai: Museum of the Future Hires First Robotic Staff Member

Dubai: Museum of the Future Hires First Robotic Staff Member

Visitors to Dubai’s newest landmark, the Museum of the Future, will be greeted by “the world’s most advanced humanoid robot.” organizers said on Monday.

Manufactured by Engineered Arts of England, the artificial intelligence-powered Ameca is described as the perfect platform for human-robot interaction. According to the manufacturer’s website, her “smooth, realistic movements and advanced facial skills allow Ameka to bond with anyone instantly.”

The Museum of the Future introduced Ameka as the newest employee to join the museum on day one, as seen in an Instagram video.

The Museum of the Future, which opened in February, is internationally recognized on the global architectural scene for its unique circular column-free design decorated with Arabic calligraphy.

The structure will host a series of interactive and advanced exhibitions that offer visitors the opportunity to experience the technologies of the future.

Ameka uses the latest artificial intelligence to answer questions. Its sensors track movement in space, allowing it to react to waves and gestures, and can even show surprise, joy, anger, and a sense of humor.

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