Iran indicts 1,000 over unrest, plans public trials

Iran indicts 1,000 over unrest, plans public trials

JEDDAH: Iranian prosecutor’s plans are to place 1000 people in court this week, for participating in massive protests in the streets that have shaken Iran’s Tehran regime for two months.

The trials will be held in front of the public in the Revolutionary Court, a spokesman for the chief justice of Tehran said on Monday. Protesters will be accused of “acts of sabotage, including assaulting or killing security guards, and setting fire to public property,” and certain people could face death penalties as per the spokesman.

The protests represent one of the most arduous oppositions to Iran’s clerical regime since the 1979’s revolution. Protesters took to the streets all over the country following the September. 16 death in custody in the morality of Mahsa Amin, 22years old an Iranian Kurdish woman who was detained because she wore their hijab-wearing an “insufficiently modest” manner.

There have been protests in over 200 cities, led by Iranians from all walks of life including women and students who play an important role as well as burning headscarves.

Security forces under the Regime have launched a brutal campaign on protesters. The Iranian opposition group MEK estimates that over 500 victims have been killed and more than 25,000 have been arrested.

Right-wing groups in Tehran declared the following day the “show trials” had already begun. In a video shared on social media mom of protester Mohammad Ghobadlou, 22, stated that her son had been sentenced to be executed in the court’s hearing just two days earlier.

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Meir Javedanfar of Reichman University in Israel stated: “Despite early predictions by some regime officials, these protests are not dying down.”

In the midst of widespread condemnation from around the world for the regime’s repression of protests, German Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz said on Monday that the EU was looking at additional sanctions.

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