Houthis accused of executing Yemeni prisoner of war

Houthis Accused of Executing Yemeni Prisoner of War

AL-MUKALLA: Senior Yemeni government officials and human rights activists have accused Iran-backed Houthi rebels of torturing and executing prisoners in central Malibu a year after they were held captive.

Muammar al-Eryani, Yemen’s minister of information, culture, and tourism, said Houthi kidnappers tortured Yemeni government soldier Abdul Wahab al-Shajayeh and denied him life-saving drugs, resulting in his being sent to prison. He said he died in 1998 and refused to return home. his body to his family.

Al-Eryani tweeted “While in custody, prisoner Abdul Wahab al-Shajaye suffered the most severe physical and psychological abuse and was denied access to medical care and basic rights.”

Al-Shajjae’s brother, the Yemeni journalist Abdul Basit, mourned his death and said on Wednesday that his condition had been kept secret from his family for a year.

The prisoner’s death sparked an international investigation into his death and calls for the facilitation of prisoner exchanges to free hundreds of prisoners from Houthi custody.

“Rights Radar asks UN Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg to investigate circumstances of Abdul Wahab al-Shajeh’s death,” the organization said.

The Houthis have kidnapped thousands of people from areas under their control, including Sanaa, subjected them to various forms of abuse, and caused hundreds of deaths since late 2014.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Yemeni Presidential Council, Rashad Al-Alimi, supports international efforts to end the war and renew the ceasefire.

At a meeting in Riyadh with Tim Lenderking, the US special envoy for Yemen, Al-Alimi said the Presidential Council and the government are working together to ensure that ambassadors and other international mediators are working together to reduce the suffering of the people. He said he would support efforts to reach a long-term peace settlement. Yemeni people.

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