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Greece urged to dig harder on phone surveillance scandal

A European panel of the parliamentary parliament looking into surveillance using spyware within the 27-country group urged Greek official on Thursday to clarify the phone surveillance scandal which targeted opposition politicians as well as journalists.

“We learned a lot, but we still believe that many of our questions need to be addressed,” committee head Jeroen Lenaers said following an information-gathering trip to Greece and its fellow European Union member Cyprus.

The committee’s reporteur, Sophie in ‘t Veld said that, while no conclusive proof was discovered as to who was the one who installed and used Predator spyware in the Greek victims’ mobiles and, if so, why “everything points toward those in the circles of government.”
It was a scandal which rocked Greece’s center-right government in the past year, was centered around the EYP secret service’s ability to tap opposition chief Nikos Androulakis’ phone.

The prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has said that he didn’t know about the operation, and claimed it was legal in terms of national security however, he was wrong. The EYP‘s chief, who is also an aide to Mitsotakis advisor quit.

In the month of March, the Greek parliamentary committee was investigating Androulakis surveillance. However, its conclusions are secret.

Lenaers Lenaers, a Dutch European lawmaker, said the Greek parliament’s probe “(uncovered) only a few facts and did not get from all relevant witnesses.”

In “‘t Veld” it was also claimed that Greek authorities had not taken any steps to study the usage of the spyware.

This is a matter that must be resolved quickly and completely clarified prior to” the next Greek parliamentary election which is scheduled for mid-2023.

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Created in Israel by the NSO Group, Pegasus can penetrate mobile phones to steal messages, passwords, places, as well as recordings from cameras and microphones. The company claims it’s an instrument to combat crime, but numerous cases have been reported of countries that use it against journalists, dissidents and political adversaries.

In Europe cybercriminals have discovered evidence from Pegasus as well as other types of spyware, throughout Poland, Hungary and Spain and also Greece as well as Cyprus.

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