Flight bookings to Qatar boom for World Cup

Flight bookings to Qatar boom for World Cup

Dubai: Flight bookings to Qatar are booming for the Soccer World Cup being held in November and December, with an especially robust call for from the UAE as fanatics paintings spherical a scarcity of lodging in Doha, an observation confirmed on Tuesday.

Flight bookings to Qatar from the UAE and 9 different countries have risen tenfold as compared with earlier than the pandemic, journey evaluation organization Forward Keys said.

Bookings for tickets to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup in November and December have skyrocketed, prompting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to avoid a shortage of accommodation in Doha has been particularly strong, according to a survey showed Tuesday.

According to travel analytics group Forward Keys, flight bookings from the United Arab Emirates and nine other countries to Qatar have increased 10-fold compared to pre-pandemic levels. A 103-fold increase in This is the last year before the United Arab Emirates joined the Qatar boycott and stopped direct flights.

FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, has reserved 80% of its available rooms for players, guests, and officials for the duration of the tournament, according to organizers of the World Cup in Qatar. We will be setting up the unnecessary rooms in the coming weeks.

Dubai has 115,000 hotel rooms and 25,000 condominium apartments, tour facts corporation OAG stated remaining week.

Fans also travel to other destinations in the region, and the number of visitors spending at least two nights in Qatar and another Gulf country has increased 16-fold compared to pre-pandemic.

Air travel across the Gulf should benefit from a 16% increase in flight bookings to the region ahead of 2019 and a 61% increase in the early stages of the World Cup, according to ForwardKeys.

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