Dubai Fitness Challenge turns city into open air gym for tourists

Fitness centers, parks for neighbourhoods houses, neighbourhood parks… Dubai is moving responding to the appeal from sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum The King of Dubai. While some people get 30 minutes of exercise before heading to work, others can find some time during their busy schedule to workout. Some find it the time of year when they are able to visit cities.

For Scottish friends from Scotland, Lyndsay and Jo Lyndsay and Jo, the Dubai Fitness Challege provides the perfect excuse to visit Dubai each year. They’ve been frequent visitors since 2001, but it wasn’t until 2019 that they became aware of the challenges. “When we talked towards the Kite Beach on the first day of our holiday in October 2019, we could see the fitness village on the beach,” Jo said. Jo.

The group of friends says that the thing they enjoy most about the workout is the energy and buzz. “There are a variety of kinds of cultures, age groups and fitness levels exercising together in a welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is having a blast and everyone is making an effort to take part,” said Jo. “Our friends and family do think we are a little crazy going on holiday to exercise but we just love it!” laughed Lyndsay

Preetam Savio is an emcee. He also hosts daily workouts at Kite Beach’s fitness centre between 3pm and 11pm every day. When he’s unable to go to the gym before going to work He attends the classes at the fitness village. “There are a lot of classes such as BodyCombat, Zumba, Fitboxing as well as HIIT. It is only 30 mins, isn’t it? That’s why I make the best time for me to host them host a class.”

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He said the hosting experience at Kite Beach has been an amazing one. “The biggest takeaway from this has been that there is no judgement,” the host stated. “Fitness is for all. Everyone put aside their differences and has the mindset to help each other achieve their goals. The greatest thing is, I’ve made so many new acquaintances. It’s exhausting and I’d never trade it in for anything else.”

He said the hosting experience at Kite Beach has been an amazing one. “Fitness is available to everyone. Everyone is united and is determined to work together towards achieving goals. The most rewarding thing is that I’ve made a lot of new acquaintances. It’s exhausting, however I would not trade this experience in for any other thing.”

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