Best Ways to Solve the Russian Ukrainian Crisis

Dialogue and Diplomacy are the Best Ways to Solve the Russian Ukrainian Crisis

RIYADH: The Gulf Cooperation Council has reaffirmed its friendly relations with all parties in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. The best way to avoid adverse repercussions is to resolve crises through dialogue and diplomatic means that consider the interests of all parties involved.

This comes from a statement made by the Permanent Representative of the United Nations, Abdulaziz Al-Wasir, on behalf of the GCC member states at this week’s special session of the UN General Assembly on the draft resolution.

He said the GCC’s vote on the resolution came as part of its commitment to the established principles of international law and the UN Charter and its support for emphasizing respect for national sovereignty, the principles of good neighbourliness, non-use or threat of force, and peaceful resolution of disputes.

Al-Wasil expressed hope that the GCC will continue to strive to find a solution satisfactory to all parties and to avoid the adverse effects of the crisis on human, political and economic levels.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghanim, professor of political science at Kuwait University, told Risky News that the GCC countries must maintain an objective stance on the Russia-Ukraine crisis, citing the neutral stance of the Gulf states. , and urged a peaceful resolution to become a supporting political party. This will activate negotiations between the parties. Hadi bin Ayed, head of research and research at Kuwait’s Ministry of Information, said coordination among GCC countries on foreign affairs “has begun to be somewhat harmonized”, especially in recent times. This harmonization will help develop relations between the GCC countries and other organizations and countries and strengthen the status of the Gulf States.

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Ayed said he hoped the Gulf’s move would “play a role” in resolving the Russian-Ukraine crisis, and the visit of UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed was a plus in supporting the Gulf’s position and the UAE. likely to result in office work.

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