Unveils Robot Firefighter that Can Work Upto 20 hours straight

Abu Dhabi Unveils Robot Firefighter that Can Work Upto 20 hours Straight

The thermit firefighting robot is one of the most powerful and durable firefighting robots on the market. Designed to mitigate life-threatening situations, these tools provide first responders with firefighting, situational awareness, and intelligence gathering. Equipped with a remote belly pack controller, users can receive real-time video feeds, traverse the treacherous terrain, and push past obstacles while braving extreme elements. The Thermite Firefighting Robot is essential to be by your side in dangerous and dangerous environments.

A Thermite Robotic, which is equal to 10 firefighters, has been revealed at Gitex World by the Abu Dhabi Civil Protection. Armed with a spout that may pump 2,500 gallons of water per minute, the robotic shall be extraordinarily useful in dousing fires in high-risk areas.

How does it work?

When thermite is heated, it produces a lot of gases. These gases expand and cause the metal particles to move around violently. As they collide with each other, they melt and fuse together, causing them to become molten. Eventually, the metals cool down and solidify, forming a mass of hot, fused materials.

Key Features:

  • A retractable wire hook at the rear of the robot can pull objects weighing up to 4 tons from the fire scene. 
  • A special arm in front of the robot can push over obstacles weighing up to 1.5 tons.
  • A large exhaust fan behind the large spout can be used to expel smoke.
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