Abdul Halim Hafez at Ithra in Dhahran

Egyptian Legend Abdul Halim Hafez at Ithra in Dhahran

At this week’s Abdul Halim tribute concert, the nostalgic sounds of Cairo graced the entire Dhahran stage.

Since October 11th, the Ithra Theater is taking audiences to Cairo, featuring 50 musicians and a special collaboration with the Baalbek International Festival directed by Hisham Gabr. Mohamed Shawky wowed audiences with 12 classics by Egyptian legend Abdul Halim Hafez, including Gana El Hawa, Ahwak and Wehyat Alby.

Abdul Halim was a fan of his show Live, so he probably enjoyed the performance. He rarely released studio albums during his lifetime and was known for preferring to perform his work in front of live audiences. His shows were always sold out and this theater was full.

Although he died 45 years before him, clips from his more than 30 film repertoire played, and while his performance was live, people were drawn to see images of Abdul his Halim on screen. came. At one concert, a man wearing a tove and shemagh maintained a stoic posture. He appeared to receive no applause or reaction at all, but at the end, he quietly announced without telling anyone in particular.
“May he rest in peace. But that singer on stage now has a better voice than Abdul Halim!”

Subjects ranged from Generation Z to baby boomers. Reena Algerber, a college graduate, arrived at the show an hour early. She was delighted to learn that many people, including many young people, came to honor one of her favorite artists, a legend in the Arab world. She remembers spending the summer in Cairo with her late grandfather, and her attendance at her memorial concert at Isla was remembered by her grandfather.

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She arrived with her relatives and friends, all excitedly singing along and soaking up the atmosphere. Before the show, they visited Zuba, a recently opened restaurant in Cairo that serves traditional Egyptian cuisine with a modern twist. To sweeten the evening, the restaurant presented each ticket holder with a voucher for a complimentary serving of rice pudding.

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